Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Social science, winter holiday and the Green Book

It's already 2012, and my last post was... about 2-3 months ago. So, here's a bit of my update:

Still working as a freelance translator and still not earning as much as I'd like to, but started an introductory social science course at the Open University from November. Why? Well, I wanted some kind of a new challenge, and wanted to learn social science-related matters "properly". So, decided to jump into the world of academic study. I was really really really scared that my ever-deteriorating brain might not be good enough for academic purpose, but,  to my surprise, I've been doing fine. Telephone tutoring is great. My tutor is very nice, and I love asking him questions, learning from him, discussing the topics, etc. Written assignment was my biggest worry, because I wasn't sure if I could write academic essays in English. But I'm doing fine. Probably work experience and several popular science books helped. I'd like to continue studying to get a certificate, but I'm not sure if I can. It all depends how much money I can spare for myself. Fingers crossed.

Survived another Christmas/New Year season! I don't mind spending such "special" days, but the preparation was still the biggest headache.  But with this country in deep recession, many people seemed to scale down their celebrations. Didn't hear much boasting and bragging about big presents and luxury treats this year, which made my life easier. But still I don't like this materialistic season...
Had a very unusual New Year's Eve. I was at the next-door with two elderly ladies. They were alone, so I was invited. I wanted to welcome the New Year with my girls, but I was drinking Bailey's and and hugging two grannies instead... What a way to welcome a New Year!

Currently I am reading the Green Book. You know, the book by the deceased Gaddafi bloke. I have such strange book lying around in my house, and I thought that I should read it at least once just to see what was in his mind and what went wrong in him. Guess what? I don't agree with several things that he wrote, but now I see him as human. The more I read, the less I can distinguish the difference between him and other politicians of the past and the present, including those current world leaders who detest him. Well, I will keep an open mind about this big man of Africa.

Well, not sure what's in store for 2012, but wish that life will be more hopeful and brighter this year for everyone!

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