Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Forget the Olympic games and all the other 2012 hassles! I've got so many things to do!

It's been such a long time since the last time I wrote anything here. Amazing.

Anyway, I thought I would have more free time after finishing the short Open University course, but I was totally wrong! My luck came, and I bagged a couple of juicy long-term translation projects. (It won't make me rich, but it is the most enjoyable projects I have ever done. The blokes from the translation company are super nice, too! Lucky me!) So, I had been working full-time, and I am now dying for some creative writing/painting/sculpting.

Also, I passed the OU course! I really wanted to know how much I could do academically outside Japan, so I am pleased with the result. There are so many things I learned from the course: critical thinking, academic writing, etc. I am now more confident when I discuss (or argue about) anything in English. Probably I am more persuasive (and pig-headed).

There has been a bit of drama going on in my family. My father suffered pneumonia, and his doctors found out he had heart conditions. He is in a good hand and will have a surgery this summer. So, all of us are supporting him, and each other, of course. I have an experience of living with a heart patient, so I know what my mother is going through now. In a way, my experience was worth it because I can give my parents mental and emotional support without causing them any unnecessary upset and struggles. Fingers crossed. Touch wood, too.

My kids' summer holiday is starting tomorrow, and of course I am moaning about it already! Well, we are planning to go to Ulster Museum for dinosaurs and Leonard Da Vinci exhibitions. Of course I want a little bit of retail therapy in Belfast and probably want a slice of lovely cake and coffee at Avoca. Also, I'm thinking about buying nice fabric to make curtains for my kitchen, which could be a bit difficult for me who do not have a sewing machine but I am up for another challenge!

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